Koala Day – Cartoon Koala Character Preview

Executive Summary

“Koala Day” is a business focused on creating and distributing 3333 unique NFTs, featuring a healthy mix of male and female koalas, along with 33 1/1s from community artists. Our goal is to become a worldwide family brand, starting with distribution in Canada during Q1 of 2023. We plan to use dynamic IP partnerships to create physical products using NFT IP.

Our adoption list was our whitelist process, allowing early supporters to receive 1 free NFT, and the ability to mint an extra 2 for a discounted price.

Our 3% Koala Day Fund is a commitment to donate 3% of our revenue to a Koala Foundation. Our initial sale price is .015 ETH for adoption list holders on March 22nd, and .025 ETH for the public on March 23rd.

Market Analysis

The NFT market is growing rapidly, with many new projects and collectors entering the space. We believe that the unique combination of cute and beloved koalas, community artist contributions, and a commitment to a good cause will make our project stand out in the crowded NFT market. Additionally, our dynamic IP partnerships will allow us to create physical products and merchandise that will appeal to a broader market, beyond just NFT collectors.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

We plan to leverage social media platforms, online marketplaces, and targeted advertising to reach our target audience of NFT collectors and koala lovers. We will also collaborate with influencers and content creators in the NFT space to promote our project. Our adoption list process will help us build a community of early supporters who are invested in the project’s success.

Operations and Management

Our team consists of experienced professionals in the NFT and e-commerce industries. We have a clear plan for minting and distributing our NFTs, and will work with our dynamic IP partners to create physical products that will be available for sale on our website and through other online marketplaces. We will also work with our 3% Koala Day Fund partner, a Foundation, to ensure that our donations are put to good use.


The projected revenue for the initial sale of our 3333 NFTs is approximately 60 ETH. We plan to use this revenue to fund ongoing operations, create physical products and merchandise, and continue to support a Koala Foundation through our 3% Koala Day Fund. We will also explore additional revenue streams through future NFT releases and partnerships.